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Every unforgettable party has three stages: the warm-up, the main event, and its conclusion. Unfortunately, sometimes due to inexperience, a party can end prematurely because of low-quality alcohol. From personal experience, I can say that the lower the prices of drinks, the higher the likelihood that they are spiked with low-quality alcohol, which can make you feel sick well before your usual limit. Therefore, I apologize in advance if such places are not listed in this report.

Chapter I. Warm-up.

Assuming you have deliciously feasted on pork knuckle and washed it down with a few beers, giving yourself the confidence that tonight will be unforgettable, you want to walk the streets, share your joy, and perhaps your confidence, and socialize with strangers. Do you feel infinitely sexy and ready for a unique experience in the most dangerous (actually, no, the Czech Republic is ranked 7th in the world in terms of safety) point in the world? That's right, you can head straight to a pub.

I must confess that finding such a pub won't be a problem - just go where there are a lot of people, and there are plenty of those in any corner of Prague. But don't stray far from Dlouha Street, which runs from the Old Square. You can skip the bars and move straight to Chapter II, but if you're wondering "Is marijuana legal in Prague?", then click here.

For those aesthetes who have read up to this paragraph, I still suggest checking out the bars that are famous for their atmosphere and culture. Like everything valuable in Prague, it's worth booking in advance. Let's explore the top three.

Balcony Bar

This is one of those bars where you look up and see a lively crowd hanging out on the balcony, and you think, "Wow, I want to be there too." However, it's not worth considering this bar if you've already had a lot to drink, as you'll have to walk up four flights of stairs to get there. If you're going during rush hour and don't have a reservation, it's very likely that you'll be wasting your time. But hey, forbidden fruit is sweet, right? If you do manage to make it up and even get a seat, these guys are famous for their wine selection. I'm sure their cocktails are equally good, but these guys are all about the wine. It's a small space packed with playful encounters and secrets revealed, bachelorette parties and farewells. Don't miss it!


This is an old classic, everything is just like with the old guard, but the cocktails are out of this world. Located in Staré Město in Prague, not far from the shopping boulevard of Pařížská, you will find the famous Bugsy's bar.

If you're in the mood for cocktails, shots, and wine, and want to converse with politicians, businessmen, and the young and rich elite, this luxurious American-style bar was opened in 1995 as the first cocktail bar in Prague and since then its popularity has only grown.

Its reconstruction in 2002 brought an attractive polished interior to the bar, where its guests enjoy premium cocktails made from the finest alcohol. Speaking of cocktails - the bar offers over 200 expertly mixed drinks on its beverage menu, giving guests a truly wide selection to choose from.


This is a very Prague club with its own steam-punk atmosphere, where the bartenders truly think about the menu and plan out every move in the preparation of cocktails. It's comfortable to sit down with a delicious cocktail in good company and people-watch, while pondering what will happen tonight - probably the most suitable mood for such a place.

Chapter II. The Breakaway. Prague nightclubs.

The peak of the nightlife in Prague starts at 11 pm and lasts until approximately 2 am, when bodies wet with fun collapse in exhaustion into the arriving Uber. Everything is flowing and changing, so it's hard to say with confidence in which club you will catch the right vibe, but there is a list where, with an increasing probability and standard musical taste, you will be able to catch the perfect combination of music, atmosphere, alcohol, and vibes.


Located on the prestigious Dlouha street, which is the quintessence of nightlife in Prague, Moonclub is probably the most democratic and friendly, if such an epithet can be used for a nightclub. Sometimes the entrance fee is charged, but usually it's about half the cost of a cocktail. For this, you get access to a two-story venue, three bars, modern music, and a reasonable crowd, so you don't have to stand all evening with just one cocktail. If there are too many people downstairs, go upstairs - it's also great and has an excellent view of everything happening below and more space to stretch your arms and make those first awkward dance moves.

La Bodeguita del Medio

When the first stage of awkwardness is over, your body is ready for some real movement, and the sound of maracas is already ringing in your ears, it's time for Latin American dances. A jam-packed basement with amazing sound, beautiful people who will push you painfully if you stand still in the middle of the dance floor - all of this awaits you if you're still in good condition. I recommend stopping with the cocktails here and switching to pineapple juice or tequila, depending on your condition. In this place, you need to unleash movements that you've only seen in movies, learn to shake your hips in different directions like a Brazilian beauty or handsome man, and give yourself entirely to this place so that tomorrow you can remember how amazing it was.


The nightclub is located just off Dlouha Street, on the top of one of the buildings, with a breathtaking view of Wenceslas Square. This elite club is housed in a big glass cube on the top floor of a corner structure. It also has a terrace with a beautiful view of Prague at night, as the club's neon lights flash like a beacon in the surrounding neighborhood. Duplex has cutting-edge lighting, enormous screens for presenting videos and clips, and a vast dance floor. Every week, well-known Czech and worldwide DJs spin dance music till the early hours of the morning, joined by professional dancers who entertain and inspire those looking to learn new techniques. It has the best music, sound, and dance atmosphere in Prague, in my opinion.

Duplex features two air-conditioned floors, which is ideal because there are so many people at once, five bars, which means no lengthy lines for drinks, two rooms, a VIP lounge, and the Duplex KOGO restaurant, which provides great Italian and Czech food. Aside from that, Duplex is delighted to boast the aforementioned terrace, from where you can enjoy views of the National Museum and Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, and Prague Castle. Interestingly, during his vacation to Prague, Mick Jagger celebrated his 60th birthday at Duplex.

Chapter III. Conclusion

I hope that you not only visited a few of the establishments on the list, but also discovered something new in this city. Personally, after leaving the club and leaving all my energy on the dance floor, I am ready to give my soul for a delicious gyro. Believe me, finding an open and tasty place after midnight is almost impossible. On the way home, before taking an aspirin to avoid a horrible hangover in the morning, I recommend visiting my Turkish friends who make, arguably, the best shawarma in town. These friendly guys won't mind if you dance to their music while they slice the chicken or fry the falafel. I apologize if it sounds like an advertisement, but I truly love those Turkish guys from Ali Baba Kebap.

If you have made it to this place and feel the strength to overcome another milestone, then here is another spot where you can end your evening.

Foggy Prague 2 Shisha Lounge Bar & Karaoke

The atmosphere of the bar is dimly lit, with a laid-back ambiance, which sets the mood for a relaxing evening out. The decor is simple and elegant, with comfortable seating arrangements.

The bar serves a variety of shisha flavors, and the staff is knowledgeable about the different types of shisha on offer, which is great for first-time shisha smokers. The bar also offers a range of cocktails, beers, and other beverages to complement the shisha experience.

The karaoke section is a separate area in the bar, which is well-equipped with a state-of-the-art karaoke machine and a large selection of songs. The sound quality is excellent, and the lyrics are displayed on a big screen, making it easy to sing along.

The service at Foggy Prague 2 Shisha Lounge Bar & Karaoke is prompt and friendly. The staff is attentive and always willing to help with any questions or concerns. The prices are reasonable, considering the quality of the shisha and the drinks.

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