Things to do in Prague

If you're an inexperienced tourist, you might get the impression that there's nothing to do in Prague except for strolling around and munching on local food. But fear not, there are a few ways to spice up your day or night:

Classical Theaters

You might not know this, but Prague is famous for its classical scene, and is considered one of the most affordable cities with ticket prices starting from just 20 euros! There are plenty of decent theaters where you can enjoy opera, ballet performances, and classical music concerts, and trust me, they're just as good as the ones you'll find in neighbouring cities like Vienna or Berlin. But be warned, just like choosing a restaurant, there are a lot of tourist traps in Prague when it comes to concerts, and you might end up paying 15 euros for a mediocre string quartet performance in an almost empty hall or church.

National Theater of Prague

There are four main classical theaters in Prague: the National Opera ➜, the National Theater (old and new stage), the Stavovské Theater, and the Rudolfinum Conservatory ➜. You can buy tickets directly on the theater's website, or if they're sold out, try ➜. The best shows are sold out a month in advance, so don't wait too long if you don't want to end up sitting in the gallery and only seeing a corner of the stage. And if you're visiting the city in spring, make sure to check if there are any tickets left for the "Pražské jaro" (Prague Spring ➜) festival!

Boat trips in Prague

For a while, I thought this activity was outdated, but let me tell you, the view during the whole trip is just as impressive as was my first visit to the Charles Bridge. I have no doubt you will find a tour that suits your taste! However, let me share my personal favourite with you:

Devils river and starting point

If you go to a small courtyard near the Charles Bridge that seems like a dead end, you might not think you're in the right place, because the Devil's Canal is between you and the Vltava River and boat ride. The trick here is to buy the tickets at the Karla Zemana museum ➜ ticket office and go down a flight of stairs to a narrow wooden peer where the boat is waiting just a few centimeters above the water level. The boat zigzags under the arches of the Charles Bridge, revealing lesser known but stunning views of the city's main icons from the river. A ride at sunset is perfect for taking pictures! The only downside it that this ride is only available from April 1st to October 1st.

Entrance to Karl's Zeman museum

Now, if you're tired of old diesel boats that remind you of Soviet times, where you sit on wooden benches and breathe in the exhaust fumes, I have good news for you! A few years ago, Prague Boats ➜ launched modern ships with panoramic windows and there is even an electric boat. Trust me, you'll enjoy a much more pleasant experience of Prague at night this way. Don't expect haute cuisine or even decent food on board, but hey, it's all about the inspiration you get from the romantic views of the waterways.


Moving on to museums, I have to admit, Prague needs more modern art museums! The only one worth mentioning is the small Kampa Museum on the island of the same name. But even that is no match for the Pompidou Center in Paris, as I tried to explain in my blog post "Prague for Locals." Local contemporary artists usually exhibit their works at Kampa, but I doubt you'll find much inspiration there. A more interesting museum might be the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, even though it's quite far from the city center. I recommend  that you make sure you check the exhibition program before you go all that way or you might be in for a surprise, unless you  already know you’re a fan of hardcore naked meditation (just kidding)!

National museum on Wanceslas Square

The most popular museum in Prague is called the "National Museum" and it's right at the top of Wenceslas Square. Honestly, in my opinion, it's just a melting pot of different styles all at once and probably won't really help you understand the history or the roots of Czech culture.

If you’re not chasing after impressive exhibition halls and mind-blowing expositions, you should check out the museum of transport ➜ that's been unfairly overlooked. It's located in a tram depot near Prague Castle. Not only does it have a collection of every tram that has ever run on Prague's rails, but you can also see the evolution of transport since the first horse-drawn carriages from the end of the last century.

Tram museum

On weekends, you can hop on a tram from the 1920s or 1930s ➜, with an old-fashioned conductor (with the whistle an all) for a half-hour long ride on hard wooden benches all around the historic center. You'll get a first-hand reminder of how spoiled we are with modern day transport!

Obecní dům

There's this super cool exhibition called iMucha ➜ that's sorely underrated and deserves more attention. It's at Obecní dům and has the works of Alphonse Mucha, one of the most famous contemporary artists, a pioneer of the Art Deco movement. The collection has the largest number of his pieces, so you can see his creative journey over time starting from his early work, through posters in Paris and New York, all the way back to Czech Republic. Most of his works are posters that were printed using color lithography, a printing process that transferred ink from a flat printing plate onto paper under pressure. This printing process preceded modern CMYK printing.

Escape rooms

And now, let me tell you about this amazing escape room experience I had in the center of Prague. It all started with the raw smell of a dungeon, handcuffs on our wrists, and a dark, narrow, medieval chamber. Thank god for modern trends making their way to Prague, because this was the kind of immersion we needed to really feel the drawbacks of the inquisition. Thankfully all was well in the and we were free in under an hour, but my perspective on freedom definitely changed.

If you're planning to hit up quest rooms in Prague, there are a ton of themes to choose from - magic, futuristic, horror - you name it! Just pick one that matches your age and vibe. The most popular ones are Chamber, Questland, and MindMaze.


But if you want to relax and unwind, you have to check out the SPA scene in Prague. It's definitely one of the most visited and recommended activities around here. The way they treat body washing is slightly funny and cute, but it always leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. And listen up, as a tourist with some extra time, you can totally avoid peak hours and have the whole place to yourself! Trust me, it's worth it.

Infinit Sen

In my opinion, the best SPA is located in Senohraby ➜, at the Sen hotel. It's about half an hour's drive from the city center, so you'll need a car or a car-sharing service to get there. But once you're there, you'll have access to 8 saunas spread out around a lake with cold water for cooling off. And let me tell you, you'll need it! One of the saunas is reserved for ceremonies, where they have thematic rituals every half hour. What sets Czech ceremonies apart from other countries is the choice of music - they can play anything from modern Czech pop to Celine Dion or even rap! It was there that I first heard Rag'n'Bone Man live.

And the best part? Everything is brand new and top-notch. You can grab a white robe at the entrance, lounge on the reclining beds during breaks, sip herbal tea, or chill out in the sun. It's designed for pure relaxation, but if the sauna gets too crowded, you might have a hard time finding some peace and quiet (Czechs love to chat about their weekend plans if you know what I mean).

Overall, the same concept applies to other SPAs too. I'd recommend checking out Infinit at the Step hotel and Sauna Spot ➜ on the waterfront with a view of the Vltava river. The only difference is the number of saunas, and maybe some minor details here and there. So go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it!

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