The Miraculous Infant of Prague: A Story of Faith and Devotion

If you've ever visited a Catholic church, you may have seen a small statue of a baby Jesus dressed in elaborate robes and crowned with a golden halo. This is the Infant Jesus of Prague, a symbol of faith and devotion that has captured the hearts of believers for centuries.

Infant Jesus of Prague: History

This little statue comes from Spain and is said to have been made in the mid-16th century. According to legend, the statue was modeled after a miraculous appearance of the Baby Jesus to a monk. Another story claims that the statue belonged to Saint Teresa of Avila, the founder of the Discalced Carmelites, who had a deep devotion to the Child Jesus. She supposedly gave the statue to a friend whose daughter was traveling to Prague. And that's how the Infant Jesus of Prague came to be! Whether you believe the legends or not, it's clear that this statue has captured the hearts of countless believers around the world. And if you ever find yourself in Prague or any other city with a devotion to the Infant Jesus, be sure to seek out this precious little statue and offer your prayers and devotion to the Holy Child.

The statue itself is just over 1 foot tall and is made of wood with a wax coating. It is dressed in elaborate robes and a crown, with a golden orb and scepter in its hands. The statue has become famous for its supposed miraculous powers, with many believers claiming that it has granted them healing, financial blessings, and other favors.

Sister Maria Theresa was born in 1578 in Prague. When she was just four years old, her parents died of the plague. She was sent to live with her aunt and uncle, who were both devout Catholics. From a young age, Sister Maria Theresa was attracted to prayer and religious life. When she was sixteen years old, she entered the Convent of Our Lady of Victory in Prague.

One of the most famous prayers associated with the Infant Jesus of Prague is the Novena Prayer, which is said for nine consecutive days. The prayer calls upon the Infant Jesus to grant the petitioner's requests and is often recited by those seeking a miracle or special grace.

As a nun, Sister Maria Theresa developed a strong devotion to the infant Jesus. She would pray for hours in front of the statue of the infant Jesus that was in her convent's chapel. She also began to write poems and prayers about her devotions. One day, while she was praying in front of the statue, she had a vision of the infant Jesus coming down from heaven and blessing her with His hands.

After that vision, Sister Maria Theresa's devotion to the infant Jesus grew even stronger. She began making pilgrimages to various churches and shrines dedicated to Him throughout Europe. She also started making copies of her poems and prayers about Him so that others could share in her devotions.

Infant Jesus of Prague: Where you could find it

The statue can be found in many churches and chapels around the world, but there are a few places that are particularly famous for their devotion to this holy icon. One such place is the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Prague, Czech Republic, which is home to the original statue that dates back to the 16th century. Another popular location is the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague in Oklahoma, USA, where visitors come from far and wide to offer their prayers and petitions to the divine Infant. So, whether you're in Europe or America, you're sure to find a place where you can see and venerate the Infant Jesus of Prague statue.

The wardrobe of the Infant Jesus of Prague statue

It contains around 300 garments, but not all of them are usable. Most of the clothes are donations given in gratitude by faithful believers. Some of the clothes are even on display at a museum that is open to the public. The task of dressing the Infant Jesus statue is entrusted to the Carmelite nuns of the Infant Jesus, who help the barefoot Carmelite brothers take care of this pilgrimage site.

Infant Jesus of Prague

It's amazing to think about the amount of care and attention that goes into the upkeep of the Infant Jesus of Prague statue, including its wardrobe. Each garment is lovingly crafted and chosen with great care, adding to the beauty and majesty of this beloved religious symbol.

So, if you ever find yourself in Prague, be sure to visit the Church of Our Lady Victorious and see the Infant Jesus of Prague statue for yourself. And don't forget to take a moment to appreciate the hundreds of beautiful garments that have been given as tokens of gratitude and devotion.

Infant / Child of Prague: Devotion

Many people have prayed to the Infant of Prague for healing, protection, and guidance. Devotion to the Infant has only grown over time, and there are now millions of devotees around the world. The Infant of Prague is often depicted holding a globe in one hand and a lily in the other, symbolizing his role as both Savior and intercessor.

If you're looking for a powerful Marian devotion to add to your prayer life, consider the Infant of Prague. Through this simple act of faith, you can experience God's love and mercy firsthand.

The Coronation Festival: When and How it is Celebrated

The Coronation Festival of the Infant Jesus of Prague is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May. During the weekend, the statue of the Baby Jesus is displayed in the sanctuary for the faithful to see up close. On Saturday evening, there is a procession with a replica of the statue. The main pilgrimage mass with the coronation of the statue takes place on Sunday at 10 o'clock.

In 2020 and 2021, the festival was not held due to restrictions on public events in connection with the danger of Covid-19 virus transmission. However, the Coronation Festival will be celebrated again on May 7, 2023. For more information, please visit our website.

Reason and Meaning

This festival has a long history. The Baby Jesus was greatly admired by the Martinic family, who in 1651 planned a parade with the statue around the churches in Prague. The statue was ceremoniously crowned by the Prague bishop in 1655 with a crown created by Bernard of Martinic, the highest burgrave of the Kingdom of Bohemia. The oldest crown, dating from 1767, is the one currently being worn on the Child Jesus statue during the celebration. Both the older crown from 1820 and the crown that Pope Benedict XVI bestowed upon the statue during his visit in 2009 are on display at the museum. The Coronation Festival is a significant occasion for followers of the Prague Baby Jesus. This is an opportunity for them to


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